We have delivered a number of mindful creative workshop in workplaces, at events and festivals. Our workshops aim to busy the hands and quiet the mind through artistic practice.

Here are some of the organisation's we've worked with:



"The workshop was a perfect addition to our Wellbeing day. Amanda was a dream to work with and really put her all into making the day a success. Employees loved the workshop and have been asking for more already! We hope to invite Amanda back as soon as we can."

- The British Museum


"I truly loved the vibe you created during the session, i felt at home the minute I entered the room. It was exactly what I needed, so grateful."

- Private message from attendee at Adidas studio


" Thank you SO much for coming in to run the macrame workshop for our creative team. Absolutely everyone loved it!"

- Moo



" We invited Head & Hands to come to our office to run a macramé workshop for a group of 20. We organise a different workshops every month, and everyone who attended agreed that this was definitely one of the best we’ve ever had. Amanda was so lovely and such a great teacher, always patient and encouraging. We all absolutely loved it! "

 - HTA Studio



"Amanda was fantastic tutor and the whole team really enjoyed the workshop for our wellbeing week. It was creative and absorbing. Nice materials and printed resource too."

- Great Ormand Street Hospital Arts Team


Are you looking for interesting ways to promote mental and physical wellbeing in your workplace or at an event?

Do you wish to create a supportive environment for your staff?

Do your colleagues deserve to feel looked after and appreciated?

Are you looking for an activity that brings together both mindfulness and creativity?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, get in touch with Head & Hands using the form at the bottom of this page. HQ- Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop -


British Museum - Mindful Mandala Workshop

I appreciated that Amanda avoided any cultural appropriation and showed a real appreciation for the context of our activity, it made it more meaningful to me as an anthropologist, human being, woman, spirit etc.
I also admired Amanda talking openly about her experiences with mental health, medication and her journey.
I came away feeling very relaxed and that I had achieved something different to my usually daily tasks.
I thoroughly enjoying the Mindful Mandalas workshop. It was calming session to break up a hectic work day.
I really enjoyed the fact that we had a meditation before we started to shed the day. I like that Amanda encouraged us to take the materials away and teach another person - it’s a beautiful way to be.

The Office Group & universal design studio for London Design Festival - mindful mandala workshop


Adidas London Studio 152 brick lane - Mindful Mandala Workshop 


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