Tiosk - Masala Chai Whole Leaf Tea Pyramids

Tiosk - Masala Chai Whole Leaf Tea Pyramids


An exotic blend of black tea and spices give this warming Indian classic its unique character. Finest whole leaf Assam gives depth to our Chai, whilst cardamon, ginger and cinnamon bring it to life.

Delicious black or milky and sweet. For a traditional Indian experience add to a pan of milk and simmer for 10 minutes, with sweetness to taste.

Best enjoyed with freshly drawn water just off the boil.

This precious whole leaf tea is enveloped in biodegradable tea pyramids teabags to ensure a perfect infusion. Each beautifully packaged box contains 15 pyramid tea bags.

Ingredients Assam black tea, cardamon seeds, cinnamon bark, ginger root, pyramid teabags

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm

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