Tiosk - Jasmine Pearl Whole Leaf Tea Pyramids

Tiosk - Jasmine Pearl Whole Leaf Tea Pyramids


Jasmine Pearls are formed from the finest green and white teas hailing from the Fujian hills of Eastern China. The leaves are twisted with jasmine blossoms and then hand rolled into beautiful pearls. The pearls are layered with jasmine petals, kept dark and dry and then something magical happens - the petals release their unique fragrance and the pearls soak it up. The result - a delicately refreshing floral infusion.

Delicious enjoyed without milk.

Green & white tea is delicate - to bring out the smooth complex flavours and avoid bitterness, use freshly drawn boiled water left to cool for 2 minutes.

This precious whole leaf tea is enveloped in biodegradable tea pyramids to ensure a perfect infusion. Each beautifully packaged box contains 15 pyramid tea bags.

Ingredients Chinese green tea, Chinese white tea, jasmine blossoms, pyramid teabags

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm

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