Jessica Cooper Ceramics - Boob Mugs

Jessica Cooper Ceramics - Boob Mugs


These mugs by Jessica Cooper celebrate self-love, breastfeeding and women's bodies.

Each stoneware mug us wheel thrown by hand and glazed in matte oatmeal. 15% of the profit from each mug goes directly to Nurture Project, who provide lactation & infant feeding support to mothers and babies in crisis. Visit their website to learn about how they are holding space for women in the world.

Care instructions : Can be put in the dishwasher, but not the microwave, due to the iron content of the clay body.

About the maker; Jessica Cooper is a studio potter making small batch collections in the remote North Pennines. She aims to make imperfect and lively pots that slot neatly into your hand. Her wheel thrown work is about enjoying the rhythm of domestic life and savouring small moments of rebellious happiness. 

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