Ciré - Natural Dyed Waxed Canvas Washbags

Ciré - Natural Dyed Waxed Canvas Washbags

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These hand dyed, hand waxed and hand sewn wash bags by Ciré make a perfect sized zip pouch to store all of your potions and essentials on the move.

Each bag is dyed using natural pigments. The sunny yellow is created from turmeric, the dusty pink from avocado skin and the earthy grey from acorns.


Small - 20 cm (height) x 23 cm (width) x 8 cm (depth / base)
Large - 24 cm (height) x 28 cm (width) x 10 cm (depth / base)

About the maker: Ciré's aim is to create bags, purses and accessorises that are practical and robust as well as attractive.

Waxed canvas is a great fabric to work with and to use, it is strong and waterproof. With age, it takes on a patina comparable to aged leather and you can re-wax it if needs be. The waxed canvas Alison produces is unique and personal. She only works with small pieces of fabric at a time, carefully choosing the dyes and waxes to create one-of-a kind bags. 
She uses organic & fair trade cotton and sustainable beeswax sourced in the UK.

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