Mary Evans - Vessel Oracle Deck

Mary Evans - Vessel Oracle Deck


A bright and whimsical hand illustrated oracle deck consisting of 35 cards. The name comes from the idea that our heart is a vessel, containing our deepest of feelings. That’s what these cards represent, feelings and emotions that past through us and call for our attention. Each card in the Vessel deck has simple themes that we can all relate to right away, such as; love, healing, light, and, communication. 

Using oracle decks can be a creatively freeing way to interact with divination and self reflection. Where tarot focuses on ancient systems of archetypes, these oracle decks focus on more emotional and abstract themes. You can use oracle decks in combination with a tarot deck, expanding further the emotional context in the reading.

About the maker: Mary Elizabeth Evans, born in Nashville Tennessee was influenced early on by her environment. Dark and playful southern folk art and storytelling have become the bones of Mary's work. Folk art, serving more as a craft than "high art" is a reoccurring theme. Raised in the church, from a young age she was attracted to ritual and mysticism. Themes of the occult materialise themselves from a feminist perspective in naive line work that dance and tumble on paper. In her practice she honours craft as a form of expression that is accessible to many and can be used as a tool for self reflection.


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