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Full Moon Crystal Talismans

Join us for a beautiful evening, slow crafting your own crystal talisman in an intimate group, charged with potent full moon energy from the Flower Full Moon. We will discuss how to work with crystals, how they can be cleansed and programmed with your intentions and activated to work with you.

Learn macrame techniques using natural hemp chord to house your crystal onto a wearable talisman to treasure. The ticket price includes a crystal and all the materials to craft your very own necklace.

There will be a selection of crystals for you to choose from including some handpicked fluorite and amethyst from Cornwall. Crystals can amplify, protect, ground, store and balance your energy. Work with the potent energy of the full moon to set intentions and delve into the magic of crystal healing jewellery.

This workshop is led by Nicole from Love Luna Life who has been crafting crystal jewellery for over five years and carefully hand-picks crystals from all over the world, sourcing local crystals wherever possible. Her crystals are handcrafted into beautiful unique designs, cleansed with palo santo wood and then charged with loving intentions, reiki energy & channeled light.

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