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Graphology Unravelled : What does our handwriting reveal?

What can your handwriting possibly say about you? From your unique character traits to your deep-seated beliefs, from your skills and interests to your fears and ambitions. Your individual written expression provides all the clues, if you're curious to decipher them?

Graphology explores the structure and movement of the written forms - slants, angles and spacing are accurately measured and even the pressure is examined and magnified with the utmost precision. 

Handwriting can help us understand other people without ever needing to meet them, and can give us insight into lost family members, or people from history we never got to know. Our personal pen marks can assist with self-development, careers guidance, or even relationship compatibility.

In this fun introductory workshop, you will gain insight into what is involved in the process of handwriting analysis, and learn to recognise the basic principles of Graphology.

You can expect

  • An in-depth introduction to the basic principles of Graphology from a leading expert

  • To uncover the person behind a number of famous handwritten case studies

  • To use what you've learned to examine your own handwriting and samples of others in the group with guidance from a professional Graphologist

  • A take-away fact sheet outlining the top feature handwriting movements, with interpretations

We will unlock seemingly coded scripts of famous and infamous people. As we deconstruct and interpret the handwriting, you will be invited to guess who drove the pens.

We will then examine our own handwriting, unraveling the person behind each sample.

Tracey Trussell's background in graphology stems from a serendipitous moment over a decade ago. Now, a leader in the field, from just a couple of handwritten sentences, her work offers far-reaching insight into people, personalities, and behavior.

Handwriting is as rare as our DNA and fingerprints, which is why graphology is so valuable. Tracey's work provides insight into personality, behaviour, skills, motivation, potential and compatibility. Her areas of specialism are wide, shining a light on a broad spectrum of issues that confront us all each day. She is also an accredited tutor and mentor at the British Institute of Graphologists, the UK's professional body of handwriting analysts. She founded Handright in 2008, and began practicing professionally as well as taking students.

Her fascinating character analyses through handwriting have been commissioned for The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, Mirror newspapers, as well as magazines such as Time Out, and Stylist.

If you wish, you may bring

  • A pen you are familiar with using

  • a sample of your handwriting produced naturally (without over-thinking or copying anything) please note this is not essential as there will be an opportunity to produce a sample at the workshop

All attendees will receive a discount for a personal global handwriting analysis from Tracey Trussell following the session.

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