Sharlala Jewellery - Silver SiO4 Crystal Pendant

Sharlala Jewellery - Silver SiO4 Crystal Pendant


SiO4 is the chemical compound of Quartz. The master healer, It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. This carefully selected crystal has been cast in solid sterling silver.

Retaining the beautiful organic detail of the original point in all its 6 sides, with a polished pyramid tip at one end.

The pendant is suspended on a dainty 20” diamond cut trace chain, that runs freely through the 'bed' of the crystal and sits neatly on the collar bone. Necklace comes boxed.

About the maker

Sharla Donovan is the maker behind the brand Sharlala jewellery. A designer, and teacher she is based at her studio in East London. Her practice forges her eclectic eye with the alchemy of precious metals. Her pieces seek the untold stories in found relics and nature, its shapes and textures. 

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