Orenda Ceramics - Smudge Bowl

Orenda Ceramics - Smudge Bowl


These wheel-thrown smudge bowls are perfect for sage, palo santo and smudging needs for rituals, gatherings and meditations. Colours correspond with different auric fields for radiance and light. 

Every piece is made by hand in London, each is unique and has it's own signature charm and spirit. Subtle variations in colour, size, and form are to be expected and celebrated. All work is food safe.

Glaze finishes:

  • Satin Cream (natural tone)

  • Blossom (cream tone with subtlle pink)

  • Psychedelic Blue (multi-tonal blues)

About the Maker

Orenda ceramics is the creation of Robyn Landau, with every piece handcrafted from her studio in London. Her collection is rooted in creating space at home for conscious living, and designed for mindful practices, daily rituals and self care.

Orenda means ‘the mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or changes in their own lives’ 

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