festivals & public events

We have a rich programme of conscious craft workshops which are a great way of entertaining adults, families and children at festivals and events. Aimed at fusing tranquility and creativity, they help to activate and enliven a space with colour and craft.

 We are proud to have collaborated with:

"Head & Hands were the perfect choice for PX+ as we were searching for an offering at our festival that would seamlessly bring the wholistic and spiritual aspects into everyday life. Head & Hands make it easy for everyone to access the tools they need to honour their self care, create and develop their rituals. Giving guests the opportunity to step away from the excitement of PX+ and practice alongside Amanda in her "Mindful Mandalas" workshop encouraged guests to turn within, enter a more meditative state of mind, helping them to recharge for the rest of their day."

Camilla Rooney, R&R, PX+ Ops Team