Self Care Collective - Saturday 4th May

Self Care Collective - Saturday 4th May


Head & Hands presents

Self Care Collective

In collaboration with

Skincare by Adrienne

The House of Palms

The Wellness Foundry

Saturday 4th May, 12.30-5pm
Holdspace, Islington N1 9SY

Self Care Collective is about creating a space where wellness treatments and mindful practices can be made more affordable and accessible. As wellness practitioners, we are each passionate about helping others - but we understand the cost of services can sometimes be a barrier to self care. At Self Care Collective, practitioners have come together to offer taster services for an affordable price, allowing clients to sample sessions and discover what works best for them. By attending, you’re not only showing up for your own health and wellbeing, but £3 from every ticket is donated to Bloody Good Period, making menstrual products available to those who cannot afford them. You’ll also receive a goodie bag with vouchers and discounts to help you make time in the future for products, treatments or sessions.

Your ticket includes:

  • One self-care session of your choice -

    Tarot reading with The Wellness Foundry // Facial Gua Sha with Skincare by Adrienne // Dien Chan Zone® Facial Reflexology with Skincare by Adrienne // Foot Reflexology with The House of Palms // Head Massage with The House of Palms .
    Additional sessions can be booked on the day.

  • A drop-in slow crafting workshop with Head & Hands

  • Tea & vegan nibbles

  • A goodie bag to take home

£3 from every ticket will be donated to Bloody Good Period providing menstrual supplies and toiletries to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can't afford them. We will also be taking donations of unopened packets of sanitary pads.

Practitioners & Offerings

The Wellness Foundry

Fiongal Greenlaw is a Tarot Reader, Psychic, Healer and Intuitive Teacher. He is the Founder of The Wellness Foundry, through which he runs 1:1 sessions, workshops, events and retreats.

Tarot Readings 25 minutes

Fiongal will be offering Tarot readings. Tarot is amazing at illuminating the trends and influences that operate in your life, giving you greater clarity, assurance, and encourages positive life choices. It is not a predictive tool, but rather answers one of the most important questions: “What is it I need to know about myself right now?”

Sittings are 1:1 , strictly confidential and last up to 25 minutes. Readings may be recorded if prior consent is given. Specific questions from the querent are welcome.

Skincare by Adrienne

Adrienne Burgos is an internationally trained skin care specialist from New York City, specialising in a blend of high-tech machines, natural skincare and a holistic approach.

Dien Chan Zone® Facial Reflexology 30 minutes

This offering is a natural therapy that works with every organ, muscular and skeletal systems to encourage your body to self heal by stimulating points on the face. This gentle therapy treats any imbalance in the body such as skin conditions, migraines, back pain, recovery from surgery, digestion issues, hot flashes, menstrual pain, PCOS, fertility issues, anxiety and everything in between. Stimulating the movement of blocked energy along the nerve channels, helps to restore homeostasis (balance) in the body. Treatments take place with the receiver lying down comfortably, fully clothed and facing up. Many fall asleep, others enter a deeply meditative state and some feel sensations around their body.

Facial Gua Sha 30 minutes

This offering is an ancient healing technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using gentle massage movements in one direction with a small jade or gemstone board. These movements help to support the lymphatic and circulatory systems. They open up channels to clear stagnant pathways and improve flow, while also lifting, toning the muscles, connective tissue and bringing fresh oxygen & nutrients to the skin. In addition, this treatment also helps to release deep jaw tension, iron out fine lines & wrinkles and brighten the complexion. Treatments take place with the receiver lying down comfortably, fully clothed and facing up.

The House of Palms

Kim and Charlotte are co-founders of The House of Palms, offering holistic treatments to heal the body and relax the mind. Kim is a Holistic Massage Therapist and Charlotte is a reflexologist.

Indian Head Massage 30 minutes

This relaxing and uplifting thirty minute treatment focuses on massaging muscles and acupressure points along your upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It combines energetic and physical techniques which originate from ancient Indian Ayurveda, that encourage the body’s innate healing. Using a combination of rhythmic strokes, friction movements, muscle rolling, plucking, and energetic healing, it is beneficial for releasing muscle tension, relieving stress and boosting energy levels.

Foot Reflexology 30 minutes

Reflexology is a natural, holistic healing practice based on the principle that the body has the power to heal itself. It involves applying light pressure to the reflex points on the zones of the feet, to encourage vital energy flow and stimulate the body’s healing processes, both physically and emotionally. Each treatment is adapted to suit your reason for treatment, condition or intention. From skin conditions, to allergies, to digestive problems and mental health support, this relaxing treatment can support with a multitude of issues.

Head & Hands

Head & Hands was founded on the art of slowing down. Amanda will be leading one of her signature mindful embroidery classes. Suitable for beginners or experienced stitchers alike.

How to Book

To buy a ticket, select your practitioner and time slot, you can specify your chosen treatment when you arrive. Please arrive with ample time before your session, with at least 30 minutes to spare to unwind in the relaxation corner or to join the drop-in workshop.

Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferrable to a friend if you can no longer attend.

If you wish to see more than one practitioner, additional sessions can be booked on the day subject to availability. To secure a second booking in advance, please email

If you miss your appointment time you will be invited to choose an alternative depending on which sessions are available.


Holdspace is an accessible venue location in Angel Islington. If you have any specific access queries or requirements, or concerns about a session please email

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