Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite Crystal Cluster


Celestite is a pastel blue stone of the sky, a divine tool for meditation, guidance and intuition. It brings an elevated connection with higher planes and dreams. It opens the throat chakra to speak truthfully and helps aid mental clarity.

After use, stones should be charged and cleansed under the sunlight or moonlight.

Each stone is unique in size, shape and formation, the average sizes are:

Mini Fragment : 2cm x 2cm irregular shape chipped from the cluster

Small : 4cm x 4cm

Medium : 5cm x 5cm

When you get to the checkout, you can complete the form to help me choose your stone. Every stone has it's own unique energy and I will do my best to hand select one which compliments yours or the receivers. Each piece comes wrapped with it's own mini-card explaining it's crystal properties - making it a perfect and thoughtful gift for someone.

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