Alexandra Duxbury - Pair of Beeswax Rolled Candles

Alexandra Duxbury - Pair of Beeswax Rolled Candles


These golden hand rolled candles are the perfect addition to any home. They melt beautifully, creating stunning wax formations. They are designed as dinner candles, to be placed in a candelabra or candle holder.

The burning of a beeswax is thought to be beneficial to sufferers of hay fever and other allergies caused by pollen and dust. Each candle burns for approximately 4 hours.

About the maker: Alexandra is a stargazer, flower arranger and lover of natural beauty. Everything she crafts is made in a slow meditative process, focusing on the details. She crafts beeswax candles on her kitchen table in Leyton and lovingly wraps each batch in brown paper and string.

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