Dirt Creative x Jessica Adams - Candle in Ceramic Vessel

Dirt Creative x Jessica Adams - Candle in Ceramic Vessel


Gorgeous ceramic stoneware vessel filled with natural soy wax and essential oils hand poured by The Dirt Creative. Each candle is scented with a fragrance to reflect the aesthetic of the glazes used. Each vessel is lovingly hand crafted in North London by ceramicist Jessica Adams. 

Once your candle is finished you can re-use as a cup or plant holder.

As each item is made and glazed by hand there may be variations in colour and shape from the image seen. This does mean no two pieces will look the same and each piece will have its own identity.

About the Makers Jess is a product developer and weaver with a love of natural colour and texture. Her most recent passion is clay and so began the collaboration with The Dirt Creative. Each piece is hand moulded from stoneware clay and dipped with a variety of glazes, making each piece irregular and unique. The Dirt Creative aims to bring the beauty and aesthetics of the environment into your day to day life, while using sustainable and natural methods.

The base ingredients for our products are from natural sources, to ensure they are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Hand dried flowers and herbs are grown in The Dirt Creative garden and used in our Apothecary range. 

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