The Oracle Collection : Talismans for Mystic Manifestation

Back in April, I arranged to have a coffee with local jewellery designer Sharlala Jewellery in East London. Having met the previous December at a local gift market, I assumed we were planning to discuss my interest in Sharla’s gorgeous cast crystal necklaces. But the conversation quickly went in an entirely different direction. After talking about orange hair dye, markets and my storefront, Sharla wanted to ask me about the symbols in my logo. “So what do they mean? I have been wondering - as I really like them!” she told me. I explained that the symbols didn’t really have a clear definition as they were something I channeled when I first started crafting Head & Hands. Having sketched a few ideas for my logo, these symbols appeared. They felt powerful, instantly I knew I had to used them.

Sharla went on to tell me she had begun working in lost wax casting, designing signet-like bands and was interested in integrating the symbols somehow in a new collection. I was immediately in love with the idea, so set about translating their meanings into words and crafting a brief for the treatment of each ring. We knew from the beginning that each ring would need to be treated uniquely to reflect their meanings, as they were to become a very individual worn talisman.


We spent the summer developing the face shapes and band styles for the rings, and in September I carefully inscribed the symbols into Sharla’s green wax carvings. The wax rings are then cast to create a mould and melt away in the process. The castings from this new mould are refined further and we then produce a master mould. From this mould, sterling silver is poured to create a perfect copy of the original wax carved rings.

This five-piece statement ring collection delves into the mystic allure of symbols and their prized messages, each hand inscribed into a precious, wearable talisman.

Each ring has its own distinctive symbol created by me and interpreted by the both of us. The rings bring together my symbol drawings and intuitively crafted affirmations.

The collection is comprised of Truth, Trust, Light, Honour and Wisdom. Each symbol bearing a mystic message for the wearer to receive, behold and treasure.

This statement ring collection delves into the mystical allure of symbols and their prized messages, each inscribed into a precious, wearable talisman. People are often curious about the potent symbols in my drawings, and now is the right time to unveil their meanings.
— Amanda, Head & Hands
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These 5 rings, hand carved in jewellers wax, each have their own distinct qualities, in form, weight, texture and detail.
— Sharla, Sharlala Jewellery

Truth – Look up. Remember everything is bigger than this. The universe is vast and abundant. Call in your desires, manifest your wishes and ascend to your truth.

Trust – Stay open. Free yourself from the bonds of fear and uncertainty. You are deserving. You have the key to it all, just trust and allow.

Light – With each new day, you are given the gift of clarity and vision. Practice gratitude and let the light you shine, illuminate the way.

Wisdom – The moon knows all. The waxing crescent is a cosmic call to action. Carry it with you to be your inner guide. Elevate your intuition and connect to your dreams.

Honour – In reverence of everything you are and yet to be, the crown commends your survival, mastery and ambition. Take time to honour yourself.

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Join us for the launch party of The Oracle Collection, a collaboration between Head & Hands & Sharlala Jewellery.

Sat 24th November 2018

7pm-9pm at The Every Space

6-10 Central Parade, 137 Hoe St Walthamstow, London E17 4RT

There will be complimentary drinks, oracle readings and a chance to get a first look at the jewellery collection.
Capacity is strictly limited so please reserve your ticket.

Kate from Scientia will be our very own Oracle on the night offering mystic card and pendulum readings to channel intuitive guidance and discover which of the five symbols resonate with your personal energy.

The launch is generously sponsored by Wildcard Brewery. Wild Card Brewery was founded in 2012 at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate Walthamstow. We will be serving their signature Jack of Clubs beer, brewed with British Crystal malts for a beer packed full of toffee and caramel notes. Hopped with Centennial, Willamette & Mounthood for a fresh modern ruby ale.

Reserve your free ticket here