Natural essentials to green your daily routine


The majority of high street beauty products come packed with artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, and stabilisers, that we absorb through our skin’s pores and into our body. These chemicals can be carcinogenic, as well as causing hormone disruption and respiratory problems – basically, they’re not good for us.

Whether we consider ourselves or ‘skintellectual’ or are simply curious, questioning the science behind the products in our bathroom and considering our impact on the environment is the new norm. From organic ingredients, plant-based products, to plastic-free, zero-waste packaging, and reducing water consumption, 2019 is an exciting time as the boundaries between beauty, health and sustainability become blurred.

When looking for new daily essentials to stock at Head & Hands, I follow the same rules as when I’m nourishing my body with feel-good foods: no processed ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and nothing artificial. My new range of cruelty-free, natural products have been hand picked from across the UK to benefit your body, the animals, and our mighty mother earth.

For Face & Body


Start and finish your day right with this organic foaming facial wash, that will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft. Wash away all traces of make-up, air pollution and sweat without stripping your skin’s natural oils, with this carefully formulated product by ex-beauty industry turned natural skincare founder, Beth Coldrick of BAO Skincare. BAO Skincare products are handmade in Dorset with love in small batches to retain their therapeutic properties, so that they are the most beneficial for your skin. With the fresh and reviving scent of sweet orange oil and frankincense oil.


Winter is a beast for making our skin dry, chapped and scaly, no matter how many layers we wear and moisturisers we work our way through. Well, until now. I’ve found the magic potion and it’s BAO’s reviving hand and body cream. This hydrating cream boosts your energy and leaves your skin feeling nourished all day long. It’s completely natural and organic, with a light scent of pure mandarin and lemongrass essential oils, all of which help to calm, repair and soften your weathered skin. Use it on hands, and all over your body. So good, just after the shower. And all of BAO’s packaging is 100% recyclable - what’s not to love?

Aimee, my lovely wife loving sampling the refreshing face wash

Aimee, my lovely wife loving sampling the refreshing face wash

Beth Coldrick, founder of BAO Skincare

Beth Coldrick, founder of BAO Skincare

I created Refreshing Face Wash because so many of us love a foaming wash that leaves our skin feeling clean, but not dry and tight. It is SLS & chemical free which makes it gentle and soothing for all skin types. My customers also love the smell of Reviving Hand + Body Cream, thanks to the lemongrass and mandarin oils - two beautifully fresh scents. This two-in-one product is perfect for soothing dry hands without feeling greasy and the shea butter makes it super nourishing for the skin on our body too. For those who may be allergic to perfumes, this also smells really yummy and lasts all day long.
— Beth Coldrick, Founder BAO skincare

For staying fresh & dry


A lot of high street deodorants have some serious chemical nasties in. Your armpits are access points to your lymph nodes and the chemicals from odour-fighting products can be detrimental to your body’s immune system. I got to thinking, it doesn’t seem right to be putting harsh chemicals in your pits, around your delicate breast tissue does it? I made the switch years ago now, and I just couldn’t go back. This natural balm is the bee’s knees: it smells delish, keeps you fresh all day, and it comes in a recyclable glass jar. I’ve done a 48hr test and it works a dream. Do be aware though, when moving from regular to natural deodorant - it can take up to 2 weeks for your body to detox, adapt and accept the more natural way, you might even sweat more to get all those chemicals outta there. Make sure to persevere! This great smelling stuff is completely plant-based with shea butter, coconut oil, lemongrass and tea tree and it’s made by herbalist, Harriet Coleman, who makes small batch natural products from her home in Cornwall. It’s been super popular in store, with word getting round so fast that it’s been known to fly off the shelves!

Harriet Coleman, herbalist and founder of West Apothecary

Harriet Coleman, herbalist and founder of West Apothecary

From swapping city life for the simple life, I spent a lot of time researching what is actually in our daily essentials. We as a society have become reliant on fast and convenient mass-produced products that have been pumped full of shocking ingredients. I took matters into my own hands and formulated this gender-neutral Deodorant Balm packed full of refreshing plant-based ingredients to keep those pits happy and healthy! From so much incredible feedback I can confidently say this product is a total ‘Game Changer’ and has a positive impact on our health and the planet, and all packing is reusable and recyclable. For me, making the switch and adding this Natural Deodorant Balm to my morning ritual keeps my armpits well covered for a busy day ahead! I truly believe that this product is part of the ‘Green Revolution’ we are transitioning into and that’s what makes this product a little bit special!
— Harriet Coleman, Founder - West Apothecary

For oral care


This natural toothpaste is blended with wild English peppermint essential oil, which is extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, that can lead to gum disease. Free from preservatives, fluoride and artificial bleaching agents, this natural paste does the same (if not better) job as popular toothpaste brands, without using harmful chemicals. We also stock the Active Charcoal toothpaste which acts as a cleansing and whitening agent.


The bamboo toothbrush has exploded in popularity around the world because of its biodegradability. It’s just as effective as a plastic or electric toothbrush and is naturally antimicrobial meaning it kills bacteria that penetrate its surface. Bamboo is a fast growing, environmentally sustainable timber that regenerates itself naturally with minimal rain and without the need for harmful pesticides. And you can recycle it or pop it in your composter after use.

I’m a big fan of the charcoal toothpaste and charcoal brush, I love how naturally whitening it is

I’m a big fan of the charcoal toothpaste and charcoal brush, I love how naturally whitening it is

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If you’re curious about natural beauty and making the switch, why not join us for our upcoming workshop, with Harriet from West Apothecary.