Head & Hands : In Residence

Since the doors of my 6-month incubator space closed in January 2017, I've been quietly manifesting a home for Head & Hands. 

A welcoming sanctuary with bright natural light, full of plants and space to browse the products, relax talk and drink tea. My dream has always been to find a space, not only to display the Head & Hands collection, but also to run workshops and classes. Back in September, I came close to finding a shop space, which offered all of this and more, but, after many sleepless nights, of feeling deeply uncertain about it, it fell through. in truth I had known that it wasn't right and that it was going to be a stretch for me in too many ways at that particular point in time.

Feeling a little defeated, I let go of the idea. I decided to shift the focus from shop space, back to my online store. I remembered the mantra which served me, back when I opened my first shop space - trust and allow. This mantra meant so much to me that I had it made into a sticker for my parcels! So, with these words close to mind - I decided to surrender my plans to the universe knowing that everything would fall into place, just as it was meant to and shifted my focus elsewhere.

For much of September and October I'd been noticing the number 11.11 every time I looked at the clock, and I was noticing it too many times to ignore. Each morning and each evening I would glance away from whatever I was doing to my bedroom clock, or my phone and bam! It was 11.11. It began to happen so frequently that I asked some of my mentors what it could mean. I had been aware of the significance of these numbers, but they'd never before meant much to me. I discovered that seeing 1111 was a clear message from my guides, a little nod and a wink to pay attention to my thoughts, reminding me of the power of manifesting. It also instinctively felt like a memo, which whispered 'you're on the right path, don't doubt it'.

About a month after that shop had fallen through, at the start of October, I received an email. It was sent from a customer, turned friend, Jessica - a yogi in the local area who wanted to introduce me to Thea, the owner at the nearby Leyton Yoga. She had just taken on the studio from its previous owner and had big plans for it, having just knocked through the adjoining office space next door and transformed it into a therapy room and reception space. She was looking to have a shop as part of reception and Jessica had mentioned Head & Hands to her. A few days later we were having a meeting. I popped into the studio, and over a cup of tea, we discussed all the things that Thea was looking for. I was amazed at just how perfect a fit it was. She wanted a shop, but didn't have the capacity to launch one herself and I wanted a shop, but just needed a space. "So when is the new reception opening?" I asked. "21st October," Thea giggled, just a week and a half away. And just like that, after showing me the empty room, we set to work getting the shop ready together for a three-month residency at Leyton Yoga.

We hired a van to gather all the things we collectively needed while my friend and sign-writer painted the logo onto the windows and I carefully arranged all of the stock and display. After a week of drilling and lots of too-ing and fro-ing - Head & Hands had a home. And I couldn't believe how easily it all just came together - no sleepless nights, worries or nagging doubts. 

Together we planned a little launch party, with herbal tea, a crafty workshop, raw treats and a guided meditation. We celebrated this collaboration by sitting in a circle of community. It was perfect. I stood back and just let it sink in, what a surprise the universe had gifted to me. It had been listening all along.

Head & Hands is now in residence at Leyton Yoga until 16th December 2017.

Upstairs 691 Leyton High Road, E10 6RA

Opening times :

Monday 10.30-12.30pm

Tuesday 4.30pm-6.45pm

Friday 12pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Sunday 10am-2pm

We also have a number of workshops lined up in the space including Slow Down Tea Ceremony,  Root Chakra Yoga & Mindful Flower Arranging and An Evening of Winter Wellness.