Woolaah - Merino Woollen Socks

Woolaah - Merino Woollen Socks


Handmade Woollen Socks made from High Grade Merino Wool by women weavers in Himachal in North India. Wedded deeply to the prolific knitting tradition and the traditional weaving style among women from the middle Himalayas, these socks are softer, warmer and more hard wearing. Superior quality wool is provided to talented makers to create these limited edition socks each winter.

Exciting colours in traditional Himalayan weave patterns.

How wear & care for this item:
These socks are knitted with 100% pure merino wool. They should only be hand washed with warm or cold water. They will naturally stretch over time. They come in one size, but in general fit between UK sizes 3-7. Please note, each pair of Woolah is unique so colours may vary slightly from the image shown.

About the maker:
Woolah hand-knitted socks are made traditionally by craftspeople of the Himalayas. They are traded by Himalayan People, an outreach program of social enterprise to create brands and bring quality products from the region to market.


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