Koolaah - Enclosed Lounge Slippers All Sizes

Koolaah - Enclosed Lounge Slippers All Sizes


Koolaah's are a traditional handwoven, generations-old craft from the Northern Indian Himalayas. The weave and knit of the designs are traditional but the finish and materials have been modified for sustainability and contemporary living. They are crafted in beautiful vivid colours, woven to fit snuggly enclosed around the foot.

How to choose, wear & care for this item:

These lounge slippers are lovingly handmade by women in remote communities and every pair is unique. Because of the nature of the making process, there is not a perfect uniformity between sizes. But in general the sizes are created to fit size Small (UK 3-4) , Medium (UK 5-6) and Large (UK 7-8), please choose your size carefully. These slippers come with a range of different bases, depending on the materials its makers choose to work with.

The jute is firm with a naturally fibrous texture, the coloured nylon rope is a little bouncier. Koolaah slippers are designed only to be worn indoors and are best kept dry. Please note these might not be suitable for very wide feet. These slippers are made by women from a very remote community in the Himalayas - for this reason stock is limited to what we have and new stock is made available only twice a year.

Each pair is entirely unique, with no two the same. Colours will vary from those pictured and we cannot promise specific colour ways. Please select your base style and size and we will dispatch what we have in stock.

Small UK 3-4
Medium UK 5-6
Large UK 7-8

About the maker:
Koolaah lounge slippers are made by women in village communities nestled high up in the middle Himalayas, in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The koolaah project is a social outreach program of social enterprise; Himalayan People who together with their partners, work with makers in the Himalayan Region in north India to create brands and bring quality products from the region to market.

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