Wild Source Apothecary - Jade Facial Roller

Wild Source Apothecary - Jade Facial Roller


Jade stone is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help balance the body’s natural chi (our energetic life force). By massaging the jade stone over your face you increase the blood flow which in turn assists lymphatic drainage and decreases the appearance of fine lines. The coolness of the stone immediately has a de-puffing effect.

Our facial muscles store a lot of tension and by smoothing the double ended roller over your complexion you can literally help to iron out the tension just like you would in your neck and shoulders after a back massage.

How to Use

Always use your jade roller on clean, dirt and make up free skin.

For morning use, consider popping your jade roller in the fridge overnight for an extra cooling sensation. Cool jade will shrinks blood vessels and decreases puffiness, so ideal for tired skin. For evening use, after removing make up, apply any serums or facial oils you like before bed. Let them sink in, and begin to roll.

Move up from neck to chin and jawline, along cheeks - rolling from your nose outwards to your ears, use the smaller end under eye and eyelid, from inner corner to temples. With the larger end, roll along eyebrow following the natural contour of your brow bone. Finish on the forehead moving from centre, in outward motions along hairline.

The roller comes wrapped in tissue paper, in a protective card box, making it perfect for gifting.

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