La Aquarelle - Plant Dyed Sleep Mask

La Aquarelle - Plant Dyed Sleep Mask


This sumptuous sleep mask is designed to block the light, and fit comfortably on your head, without touching your eyelids. All 4 layers are made from natural fabric, including the filling. Thanks to this, your face won`t be warm, sweaty, or become irritated. Each mask is made of organic vegan bamboo silk, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. The mask comes with insertable lavender sachets, making it easy to relax with or without aromatherapy depending on your preference. The bamboo silk is dyed with natural plant pigments. The whole process is 100 % chemical and toxic free. 

Colours & Dyes

Pink - Avocado stones and skins
Yellow - Pomegranate
Blue - indigo leaf
Black - Charcoal powder

Each mask is hand sewn and dyed, so please allow for some pattern variation. Colours will shift from dye bath to dye bath and from season to season, based on the specific conditions when each fiber was grown.
Please remember, colours will always look different depending on your computer’s colour settings, and your individual colour perception.

Soft fully adjustable elastic for comfortable custom fit
Each Eye Mask comes with a branded cotton bag to protect your mask at home or while travelling.

Care instructions
Please don`t expose to direct sunlight
Hand or gentle cycle machine wash with neutral washing detergent (i.e. dishwasher), light dryer cycle, or air flat dry

About the Maker

The idea behind La Aquarelle was a need to get in touch with nature at night with the help of their products derived from nature. They use botanicals, plant matter, and minerals to dye a fabric to create different shades of natural colours and patterns. Plant dyeing is simple process, much simpler than synthetic. It is extracting colour present in the nature and fixing it on fabric. The whole process is 100% toxic and chemical free. Many dyes have even pharmacological effects and possible health benefits that are used in traditional medicine.

La Aquarelle would rather absorb the good properties from plant dyes through wearing things that are beneficial to our health rather than of absorbing bad properties from chemical dyes; skin around eyes is especially thin and sensitive.  ​All their products are made with love and care to give a better sleep to both the planet and you.

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