Sylva Cermaics - Mini Cobalt Dish

Sylva Cermaics - Mini Cobalt Dish


The mini dishes were crafted by Yanire especially to compliment our range of crystal bar soaps. But they can also be used to store trinkets or tea light candles.

Made in earthenware with her trademark cobalt glaze, these gorgeous dishes have a natural quality, celebrating the elements of earth and water in perfect harmony. The price listed is for one single dish.

About the maker: Yanire Sylva Delgado is an Ecuadorian Artist settled in London. She studied Printmaking in Madrid, worked as a University Lecturer in Ecuador and has recently been awarded an MA in Book Design from Essex University. Her latest passion is Ceramics, she is a member of the Pottery Association and currently practicing at her studio at Blackhorse Workshop E17. Her pieces strive to express the beauty that comes from imperfect symmetry found in the natural world. 



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