Dirt Creative - Reed Diffuser

Dirt Creative - Reed Diffuser


A delicate and natural room fragrance, with warming rosemary & orange. The earthy woodiness of rosemary together with the vibrant uplifting oils of orange help create a cosy home space.

Directions for use: Place the diffuser on a flat surface, ensuring it is well away from children. 
Place the reed sticks into the bottle, after a few hours remove, turn
And replace into the bottle, to help the oil travel up the reed. This should invigorating your environment with fresh scents from nature itself. 
For a more delicate scent retain the reed sticks in the bottle until the scent
runs low.

About the maker: Dirt Creative was developed to represent the beauty and natural aesthetics from the environment.All flowers and herbs are grown from the garden and hand dried, while organic and vegan ingredients are used where possible. The base ingredients for the Dirt products are from natural sources, to ensure they are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Traditional artisan and apothecary techniques are used during processing.

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