Crystal Bar Soap - Essential Chakra Kit

Crystal Bar Soap - Essential Chakra Kit


A beautiful gift for the energetically radiant - these vegan and handmade soaps have been put together to create The Essential Chakra Kit. Each soap is unique and inspired by one of the 7 chakras, each bar was designed to enhance the energy and experience of the stone within.

Crown Chakra: Soothing Crown - Clear Quartz: Master healer stone, amplifies energy and thought, cleanses and enhances to act as a deep soul cleanser. (rosewood and coconut with pink himalayan salt)

Third Eye Chakra: Third Eye - Amethyst: Stone of transformation, provides mental clarity, stability, sobriety, protection, and forgiveness, as well as tolerance, healing, and spiritual awareness. (Lavender)

Throat Chakra: Lightening Rush - Sodalite: The stone of wisdom, aids in the deeper spiritual understanding of truth and idealism. May stimulate one to live up to ones own ideals. (Eucalyptus and Sage scented with pumice seeds)

Heart Chakra: Enchanting Love - Moss Agate: A stone of new beginnings, and when placed over the heart, it may attract love or re-kindle former love. (Green Apple Scented with Poppy seeds)

Solar Chakra: Solar Sunrise - Citrine: The stone of success, helps with self discipline, self-esteem, and increases optimism and wealth. (Lemongrass)

Sacral Chakra: Infinite Warmth - Carnelian: The stone of motivation, lends courage, opportunity, and is an excellent aid in body energy levels which help fuel ambitions. (Grapefruit scented)

Root Chakra: Cinnamon Roots - Red Jasper: The stone of empowerment, helps one to be grounded and connected to the earth. Its cleansing effect works to remove negative energies and restore balance. (Cinnamon scented)

This set comes in a gift box, with 8 cards detailing the ingredients and each crystal's property. 

About the maker: Crystal Bar uses earth crystals to re-energize your spirit and remove negative energy every time you wash. The team handcrafts each bar and selects scents and colours to enhance the crystal placed within. Every crystal is sun/moon charged before creating the bars, allowing the energy to set within the soap. When the soap runs out, you are left with a crystals ready to recharge and use again and again. 

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