Aliyah Hussain - Necklace Blue Speckled Loop

Aliyah Hussain - Necklace Blue Speckled Loop


These handmade statement necklaces are each unique creations. Made from glazed earthenware, these pieces are bold and organic. Inspired by her own drawings, Aliyah Hussein's work is unmistakably playful.


Ceramic earthenware pendant fastened with gold plated findings on nylon chord. Necklace length is fully adjustable with a sliding bead clasp to be worn at varying length. Back of necklace features decorative wooden beads. The ceramic piece measure approx H 5cm W 8cm.

Ceramic is a delicate material, so handle your piece with care. Do not drop onto a hard surface as it will likely break. While not wearing it, it is best stored on a hook on in a jewellery box. Avoid spraying perfumes or using creams near it, as it may affect the glaze. Wipe carefully with a damp cloth to clean and care for the ceramic piece.

About the maker:

Aliyah Hussain is a visual artist and jewellery designer based at Islington Mill in Salford. She makes playful contemporary jewellery, and her work is informed by her sculpture and drawing practice. She's interested in form, line and colour and hopes to make work that is dynamic and striking. She tends to find unusual characteristics and personalities within abstract forms, mostly working in ceramics as well as other materials, including wood, corian, acrylic and recycled materials. 

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