As well as being an incredibly relaxing experience, the practice of Indian head massage stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, aiding the removal of waste products from the body. Careful massage of the head encourages the supply of oxygen to the brain, an excellent way to calm anxious energies and quiet the mind.

head and hands offer deeply soothing head massage, applying careful pressure to points in the upper back, shoulders, moving up the neck to the head, scalp and face. The massage helps ease muscles, loosen knots, reduces headache-causing blockages and encourages improved circulation of the cerebral fluid.

head & hands, finishes the sequence with a cleansing facial treatment to leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

This carefully choreographed practise is an ancient tradition of Ayurveda and was originally developed by women who practised the techniques within their family and friendship groups. 

An Indian Head massage is the ideal way to help a person “out of their head”, far away from everyday emotional and mental stress, where the therapist literally takes the weight off their shoulders and into their restorative hands.

The massage usually lasts 30 minutes, and may or may not use certain oils in the hair and on the body, depending on your preference. Seated upright in an armless chair, the treatment can be performed with clothing or with the shoulders exposed.


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TREATMENTS ARE PRICED AT £25 FOR a 30 MINUTE seated treatment. travel expenses will be added where necessary.

at present head & hands does not have a fixed premises, but will travel within East London. we are also happy to visit workplaces, attend retreats, festivals and gatherings, just get in touch using the form above.


Having one of your massages in the cabin at home was quite possibly the most relaxing thing I’ve ever experienced
— Sarah
I had a head massage by Amanda and it was pure Bliss!
— Juliet
I had the most lovely Indian head massage today at Head & Hands, Amanda is very gifted and the oils are delicious - I left floating as the stress melted away. Thank you
— Yolande
Amazing find. I had a head massage (and neck and shoulders) here today as i was feeling stressed and exhausted. It really boosted my energy and focus. They also stock some excellent products and gifts. Well worth a look.
— Jennifer
I had a migraine, lucky for me, I was drawn into a Head & Hands which looks like a magical apothecary and it just so happened that the lovely person running the shop did head massages. After half an hour of much needed care, my head felt so much better and my boyfriend said I looked like I’ve had an extra nights sleep! Super relaxing! Thank you Amanda! A very happy customer
— Gosia
The products Amanda used felt and smelt beautiful. I would advise giving yourself time after the massage to come round as it was very powerful, and not rushing straight back to reality. But when I did wake up I felt amazing, refreshed and clear-headed. A very skilled and gifted therapist,
— Margaret